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  • Professional Mixing Template for Studio One 4 Professional created by André Masterati (Engineer of French Montana, Universal Music, Volkswagen AG and any more).
  • Child & Mother Templates for Session Template Builder via Studio One Song Import Function.
  • 177 FX Chains for Presonus and 3rd Party Plugins how Waves, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, Exponential Audio and any more.
  • 105 Reverbs for Presonus Open Air.
  • Macros für fast Workflow Tasks.
  • Mixing Sheets for Song Analyse (Example: Stereo Placement Sheet).
  • Mixing Tips & Principles (Example: Calculate reverb and delay times).
  • Color Schemes for Studio One 4.
  • Docs für Installation and Preperation of Mixing Sessions.
  • Regular Updates.


  • Mother Template: Includes tracks, buses, effect channels, and sophisticated routing.
  • Child Template: An empty template with basic settings. Acts as a session template. The resources specifically required for the session are imported from the mother template (Select & Import).
  • Color Coding: A template for the overview of the color assignments of different instrument groups.
  • Suitable for all genres like Pop, Ballad, Rock & Metal, Hip Hop, Dance, EDM, Country, Volk, Singer & Songwriter and more.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Timely update support for new Studio One 4 Professional updates.

FX Chains

Currently 177 Studio One FX Chains.

113 Insert-Chains for Vocals, Drums, Synth, Guitars, Bass, Keys and Mixbuss.

64 Effektkanal-Chains how Verbs, Rooms, Chamber, Delays, Tremelo, Phaser, Spread and more.

Supported Plugin-Companys:

  • Presonus S14
  • Waves
  • Soundtoys
  • Brainworx / Plugin Alliance
  • Slate Digital
  • Exponential Audio (iZotope)
  • FabFilter
  • IK Multimedia
  • Native Instruments (Effects)
  • Vertigo Sound
  • Softube
  • Sonnox Oxford
  • Valhalla

List of Plugins

Regular updates and manufacturer extension. Plugins are not included.

FX Chains for VST3 plugins or VST2 if VST3 is not supported by the manufacturer.

Open Air Presets & IR´s

  • Currently 105 Reverb Presets for Presonus Open Air.
  • Lexicon PCM 90 Essential Bundle by Audiosteps.
  • Impulse Responses of Bricasti M7
  • Impulse Responses of AKG BX 5 Spring Reverb
  • more Reverb Essential Bundles with coming Updates.
  • Crossgrades to Full IR Bundles (up to 35% discount).


  • Library of Studio One 4 Macros for fast Mixing Workflow how “Loop & Play” and “Stereo + Stem Mixdown Export”.
  • Macros contain several commands and can be triggered with an icon click or an assigned shortcut.


  • Song Analyse (Sheets for Stereo Placement, Arrangement, Track Frequency and more).
  • Mixing Tips (Time calculation of delay and reverb, Dynamic Workshop and many mixing tips for instruments).
  • Track Sheets (Explanation of special audio channels in the template).


Digital Download = 110 MB (124 MB on the Volume)

Product includes regular free updates and template compatibility support for Presonus Studio One 4.x.


  • Presonus Studio One 4 Professional
  • macOS 11.1 or higher |  Windows 7 or higher
  • 64 Bit Intel or 64 Bit AMD CPU