Plugin Hardware-Emulation Charttable v1.6.7

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Plugin-Model-Chart with currently over 800 entries

This database can help you like this:

  • Show which hardware is emulated by a plugin.
  • Show which plugins emulate a particular hardware.
  • Show which plug-in preset emulate a amp (Amplitube, S-Gear, Kazrog).
  • and more possibilities

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wdt_IDHardware ManufacturerHardwarePluginBundlePlugin ManufacturerTyp
1A-DesignsHammer HM2EQHammer DSPKush PluginsEQ
2A-DesignsHammer HM2EQPUREQAnalog ObsessionEQ
3AKGC12FG-12VMSSlate DigitalMicrophone
4AKGBX 5AltiverbAudio EaseVerb
5AKGBX 15AltiverbAudio EaseVerb
6AKGBX 10AltiverbAudio EaseVerb
7AKGBX22EAltiverbAudio EaseVerb
8AKGBX 20AKG BX 20 Spring ReverbUniversal AudioVerb
9AlesisAndromedaSyntronik GalaxyIK MultimediaInstrument

Version 1.6.7

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