PreSonus Studio One 5.1.2 Update

Vor kurzem veröffentlichte PreSonus ein neues Update seiner DAW Studio One. PreSonus Studio One 5.1.2 ist ein weiteres Wartungsupdate mit 27 Bugfixes und einem neuen Feature.

Please note:

– Make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the most recent version.
– [macOS only] If you’re experiencing any graphics issues with 3rd-party plug-ins, you may disable graphics hardware acceleration (Preferences > General) for improved compatibility.

New features and improvements:

● Updated ARA integration for VocAlign

The following issues have been fixed:

● Wrong audio may play from cache on soloed track when changing song tempo
● [macOS] Graphics hardware acceleration option shown active even when unavailable
● [macOS] Plug-in window not resizing correctly when switching tabs among Audio Units
● [macOS] Key switch dialog “OK” and “Cancel” button positions swapped
● [macOS] Main window may exit fullscreen mode when a plug-in window is pinned
● [FaderPort] Manual page count incorrect after returning from autofill mode
● [FaderPort] Page left/right buttons get stuck in UI when remote-controlled
● [Control Link] Paged static mappings do not respect non-pageable controls
● [Slate Raven] Potential crash on adding tracks

● [ProEQ2] Piano keyboard overlay missing after switching among multiple instances
● [Ampire] Sound changes while swapping inactive stomps’ positions
● [Ampire] Cabinet image “M65” is upside down
● [Tuner] shows wrong octave
● [Auto Filter] Filter closes when cutoff is set to high and LFO is engaged
● [Macro Organizer] Hitting a letter repeatedly will lose keyboard focus
● Potential freeze when editing Event FX
● Potential crash when using MMC Record
● Potential crash on opening multiple events with Melodyne or VocAlign
● Potential crash when rapidly enabling and disabling multiple folder tracks
● Potential crash on removing plug-in via drop-down menu
● Potential crash on instantiating Fat Channel

● Loop length tooltip is showing wrong values
● Copy sends from the Track Inspector does not work
● Deleting automation via range selection creates unwanted node at start of selection
● Wrong behavior with “No Overlaps” when moving two audio events simultaneously
● Mai Tai UI key bed and music playback may freeze when playing a note
● Crash on executing “Expand Folder Track” command when “Group Tracks” is enabled

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