PreSonus veröffentlicht Studio One 5.0.1 Wartungsupdate

PreSonus veröffentlichte kürzlich das erste Wartungsupdate zu Studio One 5. Das Update bringt zahlreiche Bugfixes und einige kleine Features mit sich. Ab sofort ist Studio One 5 auch als Demo und in der kostenlosen Version Studio One 5 Prime erhältlich.

Version 5.0.1 Release Notes (August 11, 2020):

Neue Features und Verbesserungen:
● Studio One Prime sowie Demoversion verfügbar
● [Browser] Externe Instrumente können auch im Home-Tab durchsucht werden
● [Atom SQ] Editor-Typ kann vom Gerät aus umgeschaltet werden
● [Atom SQ] Touch Strip Control Link Mode hinzugefügt
● Automation auf Ordnerspur folgt nun der Editier-Position

The following issues have been fixed:
● [macOS] Crash with certain animations while editing
● [macOS] User interface redraws incompletely in certain situations
● [macOS] NI Komplete Kontrol: frozen metering in mixer mode
● [macOS] Memory leak on playing certain loops
● [Windows] System high DPI override setting not working

● [Project Page] Update mastering file updates waveform but not playback until project closed and reopened
● [Project Page] Spectrum Meter Sonogram time axis is scaled differently after changing speeds
● [Mixer Scenes] Recall misses sends pre/post switch
● [Mixer Scenes] VCA levels are not reset correctly
● [Mixer Scenes] Automation connection lost when switching scenes
● [Show Page] Potential crash when switching fast among multiple setlist items
● [Show Page] Plug-in windows open outside of screen in templates
● [Score Editor] Unwanted modification on changing instrument part length
● [Score Editor] Potential crash when editing quickly
● [Score Editor] Potential freeze on loading large projects
● [Score Editor] Potential crash when resizing notes events
● [Score Editor] Copying certain notes while Chord Track is active changes the entire instrument part

● [Melodyne Integration] Potential crash on opening a shared song with Melodyne 4.x edits
● [Melodyne Integration] Potential crash on editor state change
● [FaderPort Classic] Hitting “Proj” won’t open Editor
● [Atom SQ] Wrong bank indication for steps while in Pattern Editor
● [Atom SQ] Misc. incorrect button LED states under certain conditions
● [Tempo Track] Unwanted tempo nodes are added when copying to/from Scratch Pad

● [Analog Delay] Time parameter is not synced
● [Pro EQ²] Wrong latency reported when LLC is enabled
● [Pro EQ²] Micro view doesn’t update from macro control changes
● [Pro EQ²] High and low pass on/off doesn’t update curve in UI
● [Batch Converter] Potential crash when pasting data from Pool
● [Multiband Dynamics] Undo is not working entirely
● [Performance Monitor] Window disappears behind Editors
● [Pattern Editor] Play cursor jumps out of loop area
● [Ampire] Noisy click on instantiation in certain setups
● [Ampire] Switching mono/stereo mutes amp reverb
● [SampleOne] UI controls don’t activate when loading or removing sample

● [Note Editor] Notes not selected due to lost focus
● [Note Editor] Scroll bars disappear in certain situations
● [PreSonus Sphere] New add-ons fail activation in certain cases
● Negative track delay playback inconsistent
● Crash on dragging multiple external instruments to the arrangement
● Graphical glitches in audio waveform representation
● Wrong audio played back after relocating in Pool
● Potential crash on enabling tracks
● Record arm won’t toggle via key command when folder is assigned to bus
● Unwanted tempo nodes added when copying arranger section to/from Scratch Pad
● First notes of external devices are played too early at high buffer settings
● “Insert Selected Item” command doesn’t work on External Instruments
● Automation of instrument delay parameters causes high CPU load
● Drop-outs when using multiple Multi Instruments
● Potential crash when removing VST3 FX plug-in with active event input

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