PreSonus veröffentlicht Studio One 5.2.1 mit 66 Bugfixes und Handbuch-Aktualisierung

Mit der Version 5.2.1 hat das PreSonus Software Team sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, neu hinzugekommene, sowie schon länger bestehende Bugs zu beheben, bevor es wieder an neue Features geht. Das Ergebnis sind 66 Bugfixes. Auch das aktuelle Handbuch wurde in mehreren Sprachen aktualisiert. Dieses hatte Presonus für das deutsche Manual in der Vergangenheit gerne nach hinten rausgeschoben. So war vor Studio One 5 “Studio One Handbuch deutsch” der meist eingegebene Suchbegriff auf

Version 5.2.1 Release Notes (April 27, 2021):

Please note:

– Make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the most recent version.
– [macOS only] If you’re experiencing any graphics issues with 3rd-party plug-ins, you may disable graphics hardware acceleration (Preferences > General) for improved compatibility.

New features and improvements:
● Updated manuals in English, French, German and Spanish
● Extended “Find and Apply Sound Variation” command to include subfolders
● [Note Editor] Drum view pitch selection improvements
● [Note Editor] Synchronization of tracklist between views
● [FaderPort 8+16] Added feedback for click volume adjustment

The following issues have been fixed:
● Chord follow option on track breaks time stretch
● “Find and Apply Variation” should not find folder names
● “Fit Timeline to Contents” range broken by toggling browser visibility
● “Mixdown Selection” results in wrong length with tempo changes in the rendered range
● “No overlap” option sometimes removes events during move
● “Pin Editor” does not apply in certain situations
● “Show in Context” greyed out on many search results in Loops browser tab
● Compare button not working with 3rd party plug-ins
● “Copy to new Scratch Pad” scrolls arrangement to unwanted position

● [ATOM SQ] Using ‘Section’ function on Arranger Track returns focus to track
● [ATOM+ATOM SQ] Having ATOM and ATOM SQ running simultaneously can cause erratic bank assignments on ATOM
● [macOS] Cannot move detached mixer window when main window is in fullscreen mode
● [macOS] Settings imported from Windows prevent Studio One from playing audio while in background
● [macOS] Window size is not restored on launch when previously maximized
● [Melodyne] Crash when loading a song with missing clip/s
● [Windows] Mixer is un-maximized when small/large layout toggled

● [Note Editor] Action > Length > Legato isn’t working reliably
● [Note Editor] Triangle or other form of automation curve is not correctly sized at certain zoom levels
● [Note Editor] Editor does not update displayed tracks when events are selected in the arrangement
● [Pro EQ2] Phase issues due to wrong reported latency
● [Pro EQ2] LLC is not latency-compensated
● [Score View] Note selection is not drawn in certain situations
● [Score View] Potential crash when inserting tab notes
● [Score View] Sending notes to different voices creates unexpected results
● [Score View] Staff preset name is cut off
● [Score View] Notes on wrong pitches when recording drums
● [Score View] Duplicating score item creates rests
● [Score View] View not aligned correctly when double-clicking an event
● [Score View] View not showing right measures after double-click event selection
● [PreSonus Sphere] Dragging audio into Arrangement to create new track puts file extension in track name
● [PreSonus Sphere] Refresh not working at workspace level
● [Splitter] Duplicate not working properly
● [Splitter] Song data import not working properly

● Arrangement does not release focus from Melodyne editor in certain cases
● Arranger sections overlap when moved to new Scratch Pad
● Audio events are not quantized correctly in certain situations
● BPM rounding discrepancy when confirming tempo of certain events
● Can’t select instrument track with no events when editor is open for another instrument track’s event
● Range tool export to folder does not render audio file
● Macro Editor down button fails for last entry
● Folder tracks that have been saved collapsed are expanded upon reopening song
● Graphical representation of drag and drop events corrupted when empty and nested folders are present
● Looped playback will unwantedly fade in transient on first bar
● Metronome on/off state not synced correctly with Studio One Remote
● Mixdown will not complete when audio files contain wrong frame count
● Moving arranger sections creates unwanted tempo nodes under certain conditions
● No latency compensation on side-chained channels

● Note events extend beyond loop range when punch and replace modes are active
● Plug-in parameters suddenly jumping to max/min while editing with left mouse button down
● Plug-in name with a number at the end is enumerated incorrectly in the console
● 3rd party plug-in window does not resize correctly in certain situations
● Plug-in loses sidechain send when copied to another track
● Potential crash when duplicating audio events edited with Melodyne
● Potential crash when transforming audio tracks
● Safety Options window appears right on first launch after updating to 5.2
● Saving Instrument+FX presets erroneously appends number to preset names
● Sidechain sends are removed when switching scenes with and without sidechains
● Sound variations are deleted when merging events using VSL Synchron Player

● Splitting takes recorded in a loop removes previous take’s event data
● Tempo changes and markers not read correctly from certain MIDI files
● Track controls UI glitch when using quick-zoom in/out
● “Separate Shared Copies” on shared audio part creates new audio clip version instead
● Umlauts not displayed correctly in new Setlist item name
● Undoing “Add Bus Channel” resets routing to main out instead of the original channel
● Unexpected behavior when transforming and re-transforming tracks with auto tail and “No overlaps” active
● Pitch name reverts to previous selection when editing
● “Zoom Full” sometimes sets wrong horizontal zoom

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