Lexicon PCM 90 Impulse Response by André Masterati


509 Impulses Responses of all Factory Presets of the Lexicon PCM 90 Hardware created by Mastering Engineer André Masterati.


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The PCM 90 Digital Reverberator is a reverb device from Lexicon and is found in pretty much every recording studio in the world that holds something. Correctly mixed, Lexicon Hall’s music productions move into another league, allowing instruments to flow into one another and imprint a specific character. We have created Impulse Responses of the complete Factory Library from the PCM 90 hardware. These Impulse Responses allow you to use the effects of the Lexicon PCM 90 without a hardware device in your DAW using an IR plug-in such as Logic Space Designer, Presonus Open Air Steinberg REVerence or Waves IR Plugin.

  • All original factory presets + different adjusts like decay, material, pre-delay.
  • Impulse Responses in 32-bit floating point and 48kHz sample rate.
  • Recorded with 60-120 second sweep for high-resolution impulse responses.
  • Accurate and latency compensated.
    Original and normalized.
  • Created in 2019 by André Masterati (Mastering Engineer at Sonority Lab).
  • All programs available individually or together as a bundle.

Program 0 – Halls (220 IR’s) Classic Lexicon Hall Effects P0 Halls List

Program 1 – Rooms (72 IR’s) Room simulations P1 Rooms List

Program 2 Plates (120 IRs) Plate Verbs P2 Plates List

Program 3 Post (50 IR’s) FX for Postproduction P3 Post List

Program 4 Splits (47 IR’s) Creative FX Sound. Each preset consists of two different effects. P4 Splits List



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